↓ About Me 
1. I love dogs
2. Coffee is delicious
3. Digital Marketing Campaign isn't reaching the business's goal - it's the best feeling to dig in, find the cause, and FIX IT! Well, top 5 best feelings, anyway. ​​​​​​​
Creating one of a kind graphics probably tops that, but it's close 😄
Constantly pushing myself to break a sweat- physically, intellectually, and interpersonally. 
One of my favorite hobbies is doing anything outdoors with Monty, my 9-year-old Corgi! So, below you'll find more pictures, most of which are him assisting me. -Since he's unable to complete the task at hand, he doesn't make the best assistant. However, he is a pretty good companion -and by '"good," I mean the best! -In my opinion.
What I Do:
· Social Media Marketing
· Graphic Design
· Digital Marketing
· Brand Identity
· Content Creation
· Typography
· Web Design 
· WordPress 
· HTML/Java
· PPC -Pay Per Click
· Web Design Graphics 
(Static and Motion)
· Email Marketing Templates
· Letterhead Design
· Social Media Ads
· Display Ads
· Business Cards
· Posters
· Brochures
...and more

And Finally, Pictures of Monty!
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